Tyler’s Story

Sometimes my life seems different to other peoples. My mates think I’m boring because I won’t go out when they do. I make up excuses but I can’t go out when I need to look after my Mum. When she got MS (Multiple Sclerosis) she started having good and bad days. On the bad days, she falls over or can’t get up the stairs so I have to help her and do everything. Dad doesn’t live with us anymore. Jenny, my little sister, does a bit to help but sometimes she just acts like a kid so I have to do all the washing up and cleaning and make her behave because Mum can’t chase after her. I pretend it’s ok to Mum most of the time, but I get angry when she doesn’t understand. My teacher used to tell me off a lot for not getting my work done but they didn’t know I was getting up in the night to help Mum. One of them is ok because I told him what was happening at home. It was embarrassing telling them but he was ok about it. I don’t want to stop looking after Mum. I’m better at helping her than anyone else would be but sometimes I just want to go out and forget about it. Tyler aged 10.