Managing services on behalf of someone else – tips from carers

Need help to arrange services on behalf of the person(s) you care for?

Carers UK has put together three factsheets based on their carers’ insights and experiences. To share tips from carers on managing health matters, power of attorney, and dealing with services from banks to utility providers.

You can check out and download their free factsheets by clicking the link below:


As we all know things have been quite challenging over the last 18 months and for some of us this struggle continues. That’s why Nottingham City Council has put together these great informative posters to help signpost anyone living in Nottingham City, what support available.


Not sure what to do this summer?

Nottingham City Council has put together lots of services that are offering things that you could do.

You can also find out if you are eligible for Free School Meals

Carers Week – June 2021

Our Yoga and Mindfulness sessions are open to all adult carers (who are registered with a Carer Support Service – doesn’t have to be us) living in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

To book your place email us at or text 07814678460


Carers Federation is proud to announce a new project from Action for Young Carers: AYC: Flourish.  

AYC: Flourish builds upon the fantastic work undertaken by Action For Young Carers over the COVID-19 pandemic, providing online cooking tutorials and lessons via zoom alongside local nutritionist and food safety expert, Rupert Aikman. 

Over the coming months, AYC: Flourish will provide young carers and their families with more online cooking courses as part of a wider health and wellbeing package which will include exercise sessions, arts and crafts, mindfulness activities and life skills workshops.  

The sessions kick off on June 1st with a Zoom cooking workshop for young people of primary school age, and Thursday June 3rd for those of secondary school age. Moving forward, as the lockdown roadmap allows and with careful consideration of the safety of everyone involved, other workshops will be a mix of in-person and online.  

“Carers Federation is delighted to receive the funding from the Masonic Charitable Foundation that allows us to continue with and expand our online cookery courses for young carers. These classes have proven to be very popular during lockdown and we’ll be using the funds to bring in additional online activities for these young people and their families,” said CEO Rob Gardiner. 

The cooking sessions have been a huge success so far, with 50 young carers and families taking part over the course of the pandemic. The AYC team has adapted to very difficult circumstances and provided an invaluable sense of community and learning for young carers and their families, who otherwise were facing severe isolation as a result of the lockdown rules.  

One young carer had a fantastic journey through the cooking classes:  

“Thank you, thank you for running the cooking course. My young person has struggled terribly with anxiety over the past year, which accumulated in a long period out of school. She used to come to all your sessions pre Covid but she hadn’t accessed anything in over a year. Until now,” a parent told us.  

I signed her up for the cooking course under her strict instructions that she wasn’t going to be on video and the mic was stayed off! The first session, she really struggled to even stay in the kitchen, never let alone engage in cutting or chopping. In fact she was so overwhelmed, she couldn’t be part of the second session! However over the coming weeks, she has got involved slowly which has accumulated in a fab last session this afternoon! 

I wish I could have shown you the smile on her face when she took a bite of her burger that SHE made with very little help from me!! It put such a spring in her step! Thank you so much for all the wonderful work that you do with our young carers who often get overlooked due to the caring of others!” 


Facebook: @AYCNottingham 

Twitter: @CarersfedAYC 


Phone: 07814 678 460 



As we all know 2020 was a very unpredictable year and as we move into 2021 its a time for reflection for some. However you and others may still be dealing with situations that have had dramatic affects on individual or family life. So as we move forward it is especially important to be aware that there is lots of positive support out there to help you.

We feel that Mental Health isn’t just a week in a year that we mark to give awareness too. But something that thousands of people are living with on a daily basis in many different forms.

The Mental Health Foundation have chosen the theme of Nature for this year, in an effort to inspire people to connect with nature. As it can be a great way to feel less anxious or stressed. Making you feel more relaxed or calm and giving you positive feelings. Even if you can leave the house there are still ways you can connect with nature. Their video has some fabulous ideas. and we would love to hear what you have been up too.

Video curiosity of the Mental Health Foundation –