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For the latest guidance on Carers under 25 years of age to help during Covid-19, please take a look at the governments website.

Some fun, help and advice for the little ones from Dr Ranj and Jobi from CBeebies, sing along with them……. (The following information is taken from Health for kids website, there is alot more useful information there, please take a look

You may have noticed lots of adults talking about a ‘coronavirus’.
There is a new kind of this virus spreading around the world.
Mostly it makes people cough and feel like they have a bad cold; sometimes it can make people feel tired. Some people who have other health problems may become more sick from it and may need to be looked after in hospital.
3 ways you can help stop the spread of coronavirus
Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, maybe to the tune of happy birthday. Perhaps you could come up with your own hand washing song that lasts 20 seconds
Try to keep your hands off your face, so no rubbing your eyes or nose, or putting your hands in your mouth. That way, if there is any of the virus on your hands, you won’t give it a way to enter the body where it can make you feel unwell
If you cough or sneeze, do this into a tissue and bin it or sneeze into your elbow!

3 things that people are doing to help

  1. Doctors and nurses are working very hard to look after people who are unwell and to get people home who longer need to be in hospital
  2. Scientists are trying to find ways to make medicines that may be able to stop coronavirus in the future, a bit like the flu spray you have every year, or the injections you had as a baby
  3. People up and down the country are looking out for those who may be unwell or having to stay in their homes. Others are donating food to food banks for people who do not have enough food. Can you think of ways you could help someone in your street or town?

Government Advice

For all the latest advice from the government go to their website

NHS Advice