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Narinder’s Story

I help my Mum look after my Dad. He has Multiple Sclerosis. My brother Amit, he’s 5, also helps. Dad is getting worse. He can walk around a little bit but not without a stick and he sometimes has to use a wheelchair. Over the past five years he has got so bad that he hasn’t been able to do a lot of the things he could do before. Mum does most of the caring as well as a part time job. My Dad goes to a day centre three times a week, which takes the strain off Mum. I normally help Mum with the cooking and cleaning. Dad used to do jobs such as going up ladders to change light bulbs but now I do them. I love my family and want to help Mum as much as possible. Narinder, aged 13.

Jamie’s Story

My Mum has depression and this means that she gets very sad sometimes and finds it hard to look after herself, the house and me. As there is no-one else at home, I have learnt how to cook, clean, pay the bills and sort out Mums medication.  Mum often won’t come out of her room in the morning and so I think about her at school and worry. Sometimes this gets so bad I can’t think about anything else and I run out of class. The teachers have spoken to me about it but I haven’t told them about Mum. I’m scared they won’t believe me or they’ll split me and Mum up. Jamie, aged 11.