How AYC Helped Me

I think that AYC is a good service which has helped me gain confidence. I think that the support is brilliant from one to one meetings to discuss issues you might have to trips to give you a breather from your caring role and have opportunities you might not get. Young Carer aged 17.

It’s good to have you [young carer support worker] as I have someone to talk to that’s not in my family. I feel better after we’ve talked. It’s dead good to meet people like me and have a laugh. I’ve made a dead nice friend and we hung around together just being normal teenagers. We had such a laugh and spoke about boys! I couldn’t believe all those people there were all young carers – they just seemed normal! It was hard going home as it was all real again. I could be who ever I wanted to be at the festival.  Young Carer aged 15.