Missing Appointments Matter

NHS Nottingham City CCG have commissioned a video animation aimed at citizens to encourage them to attend medical appointments, and to take children and adults they care for to their appointments.  The animation is aimed at raising awareness about the consequences of missing appointments and to ensure that children and adults get the medical care that they need.

Click on the following link to watch the video




Information for Schools in Broxtowe

Everyone Health’s Change Point Service – Information for Schools in Broxtowe


ChangePoint is a FREE Weight Management and Obesity Prevention service commissioned by
Nottinghamshire County Council. We aim improve the health of everyone in our local community by working with key partners and offering a range of services.

Within schools we provide free interactive
educational sessions, emphasising Healthy Eating and
Physical Activity. Sessions include learning whilst
being active, with 4 main topics:
* Eatwell Guide
* Chop and Taste
* Portion Sizes
* Healthy Lunchboxes
Did you know we can also support with facilitating:
* The Daily Mile Project
* Sports Days
* School Events

For more information please contact your district
Health Coach, Adam Lever via:
07824310232 /

Rethinking ‘Did not Attend’ appointments

Nottingham City Council, NHS Nottingham City CCG and the NCSCB have jointly commissioned a video animation to encourage practitioners to identify children as ‘Was Not Brought’ as opposed to ‘Did Not Attend’ when referring to them not being presented at medical appointments.

CAMHS Self-Referral Survey

At Nottinghamshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), the Single Point of Access Team are looking at the best way to offer self-referrals. We would like to get this right and offer it in way that works for Young People and their families, and we are therefore seeking your views.

It would be appreciated if you could please take a few minutes to complete the following short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SV7FFMS

Thank you

Morgan’s Story

My Dad drinks a lot of alcohol and sometimes gets very loud. This scares me because he doesn’t act like my Dad. Dad lost his job because of his problem so now stays at home all day. He doesn’t do much around the house so I help Mum with the cleaning, cooking and looking after my younger sister Amy. Amy is a good girl but sometimes she needs my help. When I’m at school I think about home and I forget what the teacher is saying. Sometimes I’m really tired as Dad can be really noisy at night and keep me awake.  Morgan, aged  16.

Emma’s Story

My name’s Emma, I’m 17. I live with my sister and Mum. Mum has Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’ve been caring for her since Dad left four years ago. Mum doesn’t like to leave the house as she finds it difficult to do even the simplest tasks without getting tired. On bad days Mum can’t even make herself a cup of tea, so I do all the household tasks, which include cooking, cleaning, shopping for food and paying the bills. I love my Mum a lot and I want to help her as much as possible.

Alice’s Story

When I was sitting my mock GCSE’s my Dad had a stroke. He had a good job and was the main earner in our house. Dad doesn’t work anymore. He can’t be left on his own for very long periods of time as he is likely to leave the cooker or the fire on, or let the bath overflow. He has difficulty understanding what is going on around him. He is very demanding so me and my Mum share the caring role. It gets in the way of my school work and I’m always tired or irritable during the day. Alice, aged 16.

Harry’s Story

My brother Ben has learning disabilities. When I was younger I just had to watch out for Ben and make sure he didn’t hurt himself or break anything. Now Ben is getting older, bigger and heavier, I have to do more to help him. Dad works away from home and Mum has a bad arm so can’t lift Ben anymore. I have to get up early and help get Ben ready before going to school. Then, when I get home, I sit and play with Ben so he doesn’t get lonely. When it’s time for bed I help Ben get ready and lift him into bed. I love  Ben and enjoy spending time with him but it doesn’t give him much time to do the things I’d like to do.  Harry, aged 12.