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Are You Under 18 Years Old?
Do You Take Care of Someone who may struggle without your help?

Then it is likely that you are a young carer. You can click here to see for yourself if you are a young carer.

Did You Know? 
You can receive information and support in your GP practice. Take a look at the drop down boxes below to see if your doctors practice has a named Carer Champion who can provide you with access to information and support.

Who is my Carer Champion?

GP Practices in the Rushcliffe area…

GP Practices in the Nottingham North and East area…

It can be beneficial to make your practice aware that you are a young carer

Young Carers Living In Nottinghamshire County

Did You Know?  As a Young Carer you are Entitled to an Assessment.

Get in touch using the details below to find out more about assessments and get access to information & support

What Is A Young Carers Assessment?

A Young Carers Assessment will allows you to talk about the care you are providing and  you may be offered help such as;

  • assistance towards school trips
  • assistance towards school/ college activities
  • leisure activities; spending time with friends
  • help towards hobbies and interests
  • equipment to aid with your education e.g. books, laptops
  • help towards employment opportunities

You can now download the referral form below for any Young Carer wanting to access Groups and Activities who are living in the following areas:

  • Broxtowe
  • Rushcliffe
  • Gedling

County Resources

AYC County Referral form version 8

NCC Activities Poster PDF

Health for Teens

The Health for Teens website, developed by Nottinghamshire County Council Public Health in partnership with Notts NHS Healthcare Trust, is now available for young people to access support for their emotional and physical health and wellbeing.
The website links young people to appropriate local health and wellbeing services and supports young people to manage their health and wellbeing.  It features interactive content, films and quizzes written by experts and includes topics as wide ranging as exam stress to anger management, and from spots to alcohol.

Health for teens flyer3